Halloween Brunch Ideas: Just Another Excuse to Celebrate

It’s the last day in October and I have a confession to make.

Halloween is not my favorite holiday.

There, I said it. In part, I just don’t understand what it is we’re celebrating. I do enjoy a good costume, but really? You expect me to traipse all over the neighborhood in this:

Hooter's Girl Halloween Costume

Yes, that’s me. No, I’m not preggo.

So, I was delighted when a fellow grocery shopper (spotted shoving a case of booze and six bottles of champagne into her car at 8am on a Saturday) let me in on the smart way to do Halloween.

Host a Halloween Brunch!

I’ve been thinking a lot about brunches lately. Maybe it’s my intense love for quiche and bloody marys. Regardless, what a unique way to celebrate a holiday traditionally done at night.

And so, I give you:

The Benefits of Hosting a Halloween Brunch

  1. It’s family friendly. And since it’s during the daytime, you can absolutely tell all the kids to go outside and play some fun Halloween games. There are the classics like bobbing for apples and donuts on a string. Or, make an adorable “squash bowling” set and let them go to town. 
  2. Brunch makes it perfectly acceptable to have a drink in the morning. After getting Johnny and Jane into their twelve piece costumes (or arguing with them about wearing it), who doesn’t need a stiff drink? Blood Orange Mimosas, Scary Marys (with a beer chaser, of course), or a classic Corpse Reviver are the perfect addition to a Halloween brunch.

    It’s a little blurry, but you will be too after a few of these!

  3. Should you feel like getting your festive decor on, guests will not have to squint through darkness to appreciate it.  I’m loving these eerie, yet welcoming, outdoor tablescapes from Diana at Vintage Mint.  And, I spotted this clever idea on my walk to the train yesterday. What a great way to direct your guests.
  4. Your guests are less likely to over-do it, and thus, the potential for puke is significantly diminished. Unless, of course, you invite your 21-year-old cousin it’s the pumpkins who are puking.

    Little (and big) boys will get a kick out of this puking pumpkin chips and dip display!

    So there,I just spent an entire post on Halloween. See what I do for you folks?!?

    Happy Haunting!!!


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