Eleven Rosy Things to Do in November: Romance!

Forgive me, I’m feeling especially romantic this month. Perhaps it’s the warm and fuzzy holiday season. Or maybe it’s because the Hubs and I got married in November.

Either way, my mushy feelings are your partner’s lucky day. This month’s Rosy Things List is all about romance!

11 Rosy Things to do in November: (Mostly Simple) Romantic Gestures

    1. Surprise your partner with a special note. Hide it in his work bag, lunch, or shoe. Or, write it on the bathroom mirror for a morning surprise. Check out these other adorable, creative ways to make fun and thrifty love notes from The Frugal Girls. 
    2. Plan an extra special date.
    3. Give in. Is there a constant battle over the TV remote? Are there activities your partner loves that you work hard to avoid? Give a little this month and let him win. You may end up getting something out of it yourself. 🙂
    4. Be an early bird. Wake up your partner early, coffee thermos in hand, and catch the sunrise together. Revel in the peacefulness of the early morning hours. Not a delight in the morning? Be a late bird and catch the sunset instead.
    5. Brag about your partner. Make a conscious effort to tell anyone who will listen about your amazing other half. It doesn’t have to be in front of them, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.
    6. Dance with each other. I have deeply engrained memories of my parents dancing in the kitchen every night while making dinner. It seemed so effortlessly intimate. You don’t have to cha-cha. Just put on some music, get close to your partner, and have a little fun.

      Me and Mom shaking our groove things. NYE, circa 1988

    7. Cook his favorite meal.
    8. Tune-out time. Turn off the television, computer, phone and radio. Tell the kids to spend an hour in their room. Heck, lock yourselves in the bathroom if that’s what it takes. Unplug and uncork a bottle of wine. Spend a single, blissful hour enjoying the finer things in life – each other!
    9. Act like a kid. Head to a playground, go to a roller rink, or try snowless sledding. [youtube=http://youtu.be/Mhh_E3ajGxc]
    10. Do one of his chores. You don’t have to go as far as giving him the whole day off, but tackle a task that usually falls under his domain. If you want to really milk it, be sure to tell him that you had no idea how hard it was.
    11. Thank him. It doesn’t need to be as elaborate as Husband Appreciation Day, but genuinely and sincerely tell your partner how grateful you are to have them. It’s often the things we never find the time to say that mean the most.

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