Owl Themed Baby Shower

Last Saturday I helped throw a baby shower for an awesome momma-to-be. This first-time mom has nothing to worry about because she is surrounded by an amazing group of friends and family. I had so much fun planning and being a part of this great party!

I got the inspiration for this shower from these awesome napkins (found at HomeGoods). I knew they’d be just perfect for a baby shower. The fun, bright colors led me to all the special details for Kathy’s owl themed shower. (This girl loves owls, and turtles, and any cute, little, round shaped animals. Oh, and Snoop Dog. But, more on that below.)

DIY tutorials for the flowerless pomanders, pendants, ribbon chandelier (sadly not pictured below), bubbly bar wall, cupcake toppers, and bird’s nest favors coming soon! I wish I had a chance to get some better pictures, but everyone was having so much fun I completely forgot.

As a special treat for Kathy and Baby Maxwell, guests were encouraged to write a special message or wish for Baby M on sheets of origami paper. They could opt to fold the paper into a crane (which is much harder than it looks) or leave it flat for the hostess to fold. The hostess is going to make a sweet mobile for Baby Maxwell out of all the cranes! How genius is that?

Guests had a BLAST doing “Diaper Divulgences!” Silly messages were written on a pack of newborn diapers to encourage, tease, and make diaper changing more fun for Kathy and her husband. We had a lot of poop jokes, daddy’s turn, and Snoop Dog references. (Kathy loves Snoop. Her girlfriends even call her K-Dog.)

The usual quiche, salad, and fruit was served for lunch. (Did I mention how much I adore baby shower food?)

But the dessert bar was anything but ordinary! We wanted to carry the color theme through, so we served rice krispie treats made with colorful fruity pebbles. And, since the shower was just after Halloween, I couldn’t resist snagging some discounted candy. We had Baby Ruth bars, Sugar Babies, and Hershey’s bars. We colored in the HE and the SHE on the Hershey bars since Kathy doesn’t know if the baby is a boy or a girl.

To top it all of we offered a super fun caramel apple bar. Kathy is a caramel apple addict. She buys them in bulk when they’re in season. Guests loved being able to select their toppings (peanuts, shredded coconut, white chocolate chips, and colored sprinkles) and raved about how delicious the warm caramel was.

We topped the whole thing off with adorable cupcake toppers and voila. The cupcake toppers read “Hoot, hoot, babies are cute!” and “Tweet, tweet, babies are sweet!” 

I always think that favors are a good idea. Especially, for parties where the whole point is that guests bring a gift. I had seen these bird’s nest treats on Pinterest a few months ago. What a perfect parting gift!


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