Bummed you’re working on a federal holiday? Try this.

Today, the nation is “observing” Veteran’s Day. Which means that (once I’ve thanked my friends and family who are serving or have served in the military,) I’m going to be really disappointed that I have to go to my part-time job.

This is what happens when the first six years of your career are spent working for a municipality. Especially, when that municipality is Chicago. I still get upset when I have to work on the first Monday in March. I mean, it’s CASIMIR PULASKI DAY for goodness sake. In my head, if the mail is not being delivered, I shouldn’t have to go to work. But I digress.

Since it is November, and people are busy being super thankful every morning on Facebook (seriously guys, maybe you should do that in a journal or something), I decided to take my frustration and do something positive with it. In the form of practical jokes on my coworkers. Consider yourselves warned, guys.

Hey, Finance Manager – the phone’s for you!

Double decker desk. For that coworker with the reeeeaaaalllllllly long torso.

Sadly, I don’t have a personal picture of my favorite work prank. But that’s not going to stop me from telling you about it.

Around the holidays last year, my colleague and I bought a cheapo mini bell wreath from Walgreens. It was just the right size to duct tape under our coworkers chair. As she rolled around that day, she kept looking around and asking us if we heard something. A few hours later, she finally asked if we had done something to her chair. When she discovered the prank, she exclaimed “I thought I was farting bells!!”

And just to make you smile, a few pictures of cute cats at work.

I hope this helped brightened your day. Unless you’re off today. In which case, go hug a veteran!

PS- Looking for a super awesome way to honor a new veteran? Check out this awesome military retirement party idea. 


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