Sixties Inspired 60th Birthday Invitation

The guest of honor for this super fun 1960’s themed bash is a reformed hippie who is into quilting, batik fabric, reptiles, tree species, and dog training. She also happens to be my mom.

Groovy, 1960's Inspired Birthday Invitation

I searched high and low for the perfect 1960’s inspired invitation. I tried to design it myself, but my self-taught graphic design skills just didn’t cut it. After all, this lady has been amazing for 60 years. It had to be perfect.

Luckily, I stumbled across Nadia Ink. (And lucky for you, Nadia will customize this design for your next party by clicking here.)

1960's themed 60th birthday invite

A huge thank you to Nadia, who was able to take my ambiguous ideas and return a first draft that was nearly perfect. She was kind enough to work within my tight timeline even though she was working on another party simultaneously. What a pro! If you live in the Toronto area, Nadia will even custom style a candy/sweets tables at your next event. Check out her facebook page for more info!

And check back soon for all the groovy details on this swinging party!


1 Comment on Sixties Inspired 60th Birthday Invitation

  1. nadia
    June 2, 2013 at 3:02 pm (5 years ago)

    Love the post! It was a pleasure customizing this design for you. I hope we can work together again soon! I’ll be checking back often to see what else you planned for this party.