Mom-to-be Gift Basket

The very talented Mr. Rosy managed to one up me on Sunday. I was celebrating my birthday. And by celebrating I mean attending a cake decorating class, meeting with clients, taking a long bath, and getting ready for an early dinner out… I am nine months pregnant after all.

But when I came down for dinner he presented me with this incredibly thoughtful birthday present from our arriving-any-day-now daughter. I was so touched by his sweet, outside the box thinking I nearly cried. (Or maybe that was the raging hormones…)

Gift Basket for Mom to Be

He included a short note in the card that said:


Can’t wait to meet you! Thanks for taking good care of me in your womb. I got you some things you might need after I get out of here…

Things my mom will need after I’m born:

  1. Mom to be gift basketWine – It’s been a long nine months. You deserve a glass (or two or three)!
  2. Candy – I know you like sugar. (Side note, I actually usually prefer salt over sugar every time, but this little bean has had me on a sugar hunt all day every day.)
  3. Advil – For when I cry.
  4. Emergen-C – I need you to stay healthy!
  5. Hand Lotion – To combat the million hand washings per day (dirty diapers).
  6. Shake and Go – For when you don’t have time to make a proper drink. (Do you like how he both opened and closed with something alcohol themed? He knows me so well.)

This may just become my go-to gift for baby showers (with a pedicure or spa gift card thrown in) or that first visit after a baby arrives home. We get so much for the baby that I love the idea of gifting something for the mother. What additions would you make to this basket?


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