Wedding Emergency Kit

Wedding Emergency kit

Weddings are a time of insurmountable pressure and an absurd focus on perfection. That is why (even long before I became a planner myself) I always tell newly engaged couples one thing. HIRE. A. PLANNER. My husband and I hired a day-of coordinator because I did not want to feel like a producer at my own wedding. In the end we agreed it was the best money we spent.

Of course, whether you hire a planner or not, things inevitably go wrong. My bustle broke a whopping 5 times between the cocktail hour and the last dance. Thank goodness my planner had the mecca of safety pins. (more…)


Husband Appreciation Day

It’s no secret that men like to feel appreciated. Relationship experts have been claiming for years that men need to feel needed and valued. And, I’m sure that’s true. But just in case, I went ahead and did some research.

In my hours five minutes of research, I managed to run across this gem that eloquently tells women it’s our fault(?!?!?) men cheat. Why??? Because we just don’t do enough to show our appreciation. Duh.

While I don’t agree with the finger pointing trash available on the internet, I do believe that appreciation is key to maintaining a healthy, happy relationship. Enter, Husband Appreciation Day! (more…)


The Perfect Pumpkin Fall Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Centerpiece,

Alright folks, it’s getting to be THAT time of year. The leaves are changing, my neck is no longer covered in a constant film of sweat, and the stores are eagerly reminding us that Christmas is literally RIGHT. AROUND. THE CORNER! (Also known as three months away.)

Last October, I was notified that it is essential that we have the Hubs’ father, step-mother, grandmother, aunt #1 of 9, aunt #2 of 9, and brother over for dinner before we had our one year anniversary in November. I tried (desperately) to tell the Hubs that there was no way his Grandma would be able to get up the stairs to our apartment. No dice. This lady is seriously so cool (and determined) that she practically crawled up the two flights of stairs to our place. I aspire to be more like her.

I knew I had to really take it up a notch to impress this delightful new branch of my family. They throw THE BEST parties. And, since I tend to over analyze even the simplest of shindigs I attend, that is major kudos.  (more…)


Almost time for a (baby) shower (invitation)!

I was beyond excited to find out that the first of my very best friends is pregnant! Yes, you read that right… PREGNANT!!! Kathy and her husband are going to be such amazing parents. (Even if I am still having trouble accepting that she and I are no longer twenty-three and sharing an apartment in Wrigleyville.) Naturally, as soon as I heard the news I started planning Kathy’s baby shower. Any excuse for a party!

The party is still a month and a half away so you’ll have to wait for all the details on that. However, it is getting to be invitation time! (more…)


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