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Jason & Melissa’s Wedding: Chicago Yacht Club

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since this fabulous wedding at the Chicago Yacht Club. I’m ashamed that I’m only just now sharing it! I guess I should have titled this post “Happy Anniversary Jason & Melissa” instead. 🙂

Jason and Melissa both love sailing so when they got engaged there was no question where they’d be tying the knot. The couple did a wonderful job including their sailing teams and other nautical details. We were honored to be a part of this wonderful celebration at the Chicago Yacht Club. Thanks to Justine Bursoni for capturing the incredible photographs!

Venue & Catering: Chicago Yacht Club
Photography: Justine Bursoni
Floral: Avant Gardenia
DJ/Specialty Lighting: A Posh Production
Ice Sculpture: Nadeau’s Ice Sculptures

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Florida Inspired Media Event

This post is almost a year overdue. I had so much fun planning and working with the incredible team at Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel that I never had a chance to share it with you! Doh!

This was a media event for part of a larger campaign surrounding a series of public art billboards featuring original works by painter Judy Ledgerwood inspired by the Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel. Judy was the lucky artist commissioned by the destination to spend a week in the Captiva Island home of Robert Raucschenberg and “be inspired.”Inspired she was! I love the juxtaposition of the serene beach scene against the backdrop of the city’s crowded skyline.

Billboard featuring public art by LedgerwoodThe event was a “sunrise reception” held on Lightology’s rooftop, which offered guests a great view of one of the eight billboards found around Chicago in the month of September. The gorgeous floral you see is indigenous to southwest Florida. Catering was also inspired by the destination – including lots of citrus breakfast breads, mini key lime bundt cakes, and a mimosa bar.

Chicago Rooftop Media Event Artist Judy Ledgerwood in front of billboard
Florida inspired mimosa bar Florida themed gift bags Florida themed breakfast buffet Chicago media event

Venue – Lightology’s Rooftop Garden
Floral – Fleur de lis Florist 
Catering – Hearty Boys
Photography – MMGY Global
Gift Bags – Rosy Events & MMGY Global
Planning & production – Rosy Events


C&W Industrial Conference Nashville: Part One

We just got back from an amazing week in Nashville with the great folks of Cushman & Wakefield Industrial. I love working on this annual conference – there is nothing better than being surrounded by a group of hardworking professionals who love what they do.

The Renaissance Nashville took great care of us from the moment we arrived. And with nearly 500 attendees in tow, this was no small feat. Nashville was the perfect scene for this fun-loving crowd. (See the great welcome bags they made to fully understand what I mean.) Nashville was small enough to offer great networking, but large enough to offer plenty to do between meetings.

Lobby Signage

cw2 cw3

A welcome reception helped kick things off at the end of the first day. The event was held in the hotel’s Bridge Bar and Restaurant, which is entirely enclosed in glass. At night, it offers a fabulous ambiance for networking over cocktails.

reception We put together special centerpieces placed throughout the event to highlight Nashville’s music scene (yes, that’s actual country sheet music!) and thank event sponsors. We also had custom cowboy boot drink koozies made because, well Nashville. 🙂Reception centerpiece Boot Koozie

Day two and three of the conference featured even more fun and surprises. Stay tuned for Part Two of this post!


Nature Inspired Christmas Centerpiece and Glitter Dipped Pinecones

Mr. Rosy and I have a lot going on this holiday season. And for just that reason we decided that we wouldn’t be doing any traveling. It’ll be so much easier this way we thought.

Then we decided to host Mr. Rosy’s mother and step-father for Christmas Eve. And his brother. And his aunt and uncle. And his cousin and her husband. And his cousin’s cousin and her boyfriend. And well, you get the picture. So we had a great big Christmas Eve dinner party for eleven. I promised Mr. Rosy I wouldn’t go overboard. Just a simple centerpiece with some fresh evergreens…

Nature inspired Christmas centerpiece

Well, when he saw me hand painting each tip on a bunch of pinecones, he sheepishly inquired if I felt this was keeping things simple. But honestly, this table setting couldn’t have been easier.

I wanted to go natural, using the cool log risers I had left from this 30th birthday party. Add some flameless candles (you don’t want to be babysitting dripping wax when you’re hosting a dinner party) and some evergreens and you’re set.

For the most part… Because then it hit me, with this many people it’s a good idea to have place cards. I happened to have a bunch of those cinnamon scented pinecones around which fit with the natural feel and could hold a small name tag, but they needed something extra…GLITTER!

Glitter Dipped PInecone Place Cards
I used this method from Camille Styles in which you use a paintbrush to individually add dabs of paint to each point. But about halfway through I realized that you can just roll the little suckers in the paint and then do some final touches with the paintbrush. It saves a ton of time that way.

[Note: I used this glitter paint from my local craft store and freaked out a little when I started because it doesn’t look like much when it’s wet. Just take a deep breath and wait until the stuff dries, because it really is a glittery sensation.]

I wish I had a picture of how beautiful the whole table looked with the lights dimmed and the candles on. But, did I mention we were hosting eleven people?!?! So, you’ll just have to trust me. It looked beautiful and there were lots of compliments. The centerpiece still looked great the next day for Christmas brunch. And I swear, it really is easy. 

Nature Inspired Christmas Tablescape




Copycat Martha Stewart Paper Strip Garland

While trying to get through my perpetually growing magazine pile, I ran across this picture of Martha Stewart’s Paper Strip Garland:

Martha Stewart Paper Strip Garland

And thought to myself, I can totally make that! Well, you know what? This time I was right! I happened to be getting really into paint chip crafts for our housewarming party and I just knew they were the perfect medium for this knock-off.

Not only are these so simple, but there are so many uses for them. Hang them off your chandelier or over your table for a unique and colorful hanging centerpiece. Try them on your front porch to welcome guests to your party. They’re a great decorative element to define a space (think gift table, bar area, etc.). I even think they could make a super cute mobile for a baby’s room! And don’t feel like you have to stick to rectangles. Get creative with your scissors or use hole punches to try a variety of shapes.



Paint Chips
Filament Wire
Double-Stick Tape


Step One: Cut paint chips down to size and line up matching chips back to back.

Paint Chip Garland DIYStep Two: Open the paint chips and run filament wire down the center of one side of the paint chips. (It helps to tape the top of the filament to your work surface above the paint chips.) Secure the filament in place by placing double stick tape ON TOP of the filament wire

DIY Martha Stewart Paper GarlandStep Three: Carefully place the matching paint chips on top, pushing down to secure to double stick.

Vertical Paint Chip GarlandStep Four: Hang!

Make your own paper garland




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