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NashBash: A Corporate Cocktail Party in Nashville

We feel incredibly fortunate that our clients trust us 99% of the time. It helps that we work with such amazing people! But I must admit, I was a little nervous when I presented a group of industrial real estate executives with the idea of hosting a “Nashvegas” style event in conjunction with their Nashville conference.

A mechanical bull, professional line dancers, custom bag sets, rockin’ live music, and a specialty bourbon tasting all done in an upscale, classy way? Gotta love that their response was only, “Where’s it all gonna go?” And we were at the ready – “We’re going to close down the street outside the venue and take the party outside, of course!”

This was one for the record books. I’ve never seen a bunch of professionals at a networking event enjoy themselves so much. And I’m sure a number of important deals were done between bull rides. 🙂

Special thanks to the team at aVenue for helping us pull this event off and capturing such wonderful pictures!

Corporate Cocktail Party Bull Collage IMG_6892 untitled-9.1 untitled-9 untitled-15 untitled-32 untitled-38 untitled-144 untitled-149


How Nashville Says Welcome (Bag)

I love truly unique welcome bags, goodie bags, swag bags, favors, and all other forms of attendee gifts. Of course, we all know how easy it is for these types of items to end up in the trash or left behind. I believe it takes real skill and determination to come up with something that your guests are going to truly appreciate. Which is why I’m so excited to share this little idea with you.

During the recent Cushman & Wakefield Industrial Conference, attendees were welcomed to Nashville with this awesome welcome bag put together by Cushman & Wakefield’s local office. The “Nashville Lunch” bags included Jack Daniels, Whisper Creek (Tennessee’s version of Bailey’s), a small map with recommendations for local dining and entertainment (not pictured), and a box of “industrially strong” peppermints reminding these business men and women to “never make a pitch without a mint.” It was all tucked inside a traditional brown bag lunch sack and handed out as attendees arrived (at noon). Of course, they also made a few bags for any non-drinkers that included Nashville’s famous Moon Pies and GooGoo clusters in place of the alcohol.

Nashville Event Welcome Bag

I can tell you that not a one of these was left behind! In fact, they created such a buzz that we had people coming to the registration desk asking for one up until the last day of the conference.


40th Anniversary Outdoor Vow Renewal

It was an honor to plan this fun vow renewal for two of my favorite clients (my dear mom and dad) on their 40th wedding anniversary. They requested that the details remain secret and asked that it be both fun and serious. That’s a tall order. I think we totally nailed it.

Outdoor Vow Renewal

Son walks mom down the aisle

Vow RenewalFlower Girls

40th Anniversary Vow Renewal Informal Vow Renewal

Vow Renewal Family Thumbprint TreeVow Renewal Toast

Vow renewal cake based on wedding cake

Vows123 Bride & Groom with signs Camp Jack the Horse Vow Renewal

Vendors –
Venue: Camp Jack the Horse – Marcell, MN
Photography: Clear Sky Portrait
Cake Design: Cake Artist Sandra Osterberg of Wal-mart Grand Rapids
Catering (not pictured): Timberwolf Inn
Event Planning & Design: Rosy Events


Paint Chip Housewarming Decor & Party Favors

You may remember that we moved into our new house last November. Well, after six months, two floods, four weeks of construction, sixteen paint samples, three HVAC problems, and one secret room we were finally able to invite our families over to celebrate!

I decided to incorporate some DIY paint chip projects into the party. (I figured we hard earned the right to some extra paint chips after buying sixteen samples of paint and enough gallons to paint every room in the house!)

I made some adorable, simple menu cards, of which I naturally didn’t get a single picture! Forgive me, it was a very busy morning preparing to host fifty of our friends and family. I simply cut the paint chips down to size, wrote the menu item on the front, and used some washi tape to affix them to long toothpicks. Throw some decorative sand in a shot glass and stick the suckers in. Voila!

Next, I made these awesome paint chip fans following this tutorial. They did double duty as centerpieces and party favors. They were certainly appreciated seeing as it was mid-July and our backyard gets direct afternoon sun.

Paint Chip Party Favors

DIY Hand Fans

A special note about printing on paint chips: I used an ink-jet printer and no matter what I tried the ink just wouldn’t set. I’ve heard people have had similar frustrations with laser jet printers so who knows. I ended up covering the paint chip in contact paper before gluing the back to it. An extra step, but no smudged ink.

Want more paint chip projects? Check out my Martha Stewart Paper Strip Garland Knock-Off made with paint chips!



Not Your Average Wedding Shower: Redneck Love

I may be a midwest girl at heart, but I spent my high school days in central Florida. So, when I saw an old friend’s pictures of her “Redneck Love” Stock the Bar Wedding Shower I just had to share!

Sure, traditional wedding showers have a time and a place. (Grandma Maude may not be down for shower games of beer pong and battle shots.) But if you’re throwing a shower mainly for the bride and groom’s friends, it’s a good idea to think outside the box. And I don’t mean afternoon tea…

This shower featured so much redneck love… Guests dined on the finest pigs in a blanket and tater tots around. Little Debbie Cakes were served for dessert. Drinking games and a special mug shot photo booth provided for plenty of fun. (Don’t forget redneck props!) And, of course they encouraged guests on Instagram to use the #rednecklove tag. What an awesome, fun way to celebrate a southern couple!

Mugshot Photobooth

DIY Mugshot Photobooth

Redneck Wedding Shower

A great bonus to throwing a redneck themed shower- no one expects too much. Encourage guests to get into the theme by dressing the part. Heck, guests can even wrap their gifts in toilet paper or grocery bags if they like. Decor can be as simple as some empty beer cans or solo cups on a string of lights. If you’re feeling ambitious, throw up some camouflage and mock (or real, if you’re into that) trophy animals or shotguns on the wall.

Most of all, make sure your guests are having a blast. But with a theme like this, that shouldn’t be too hard…


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