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First Birthday Surprise Balloon Invitation

I’m SO excited to share this little project with you! I put it together for my daughter’s first birthday, but it’d be super fun for a baby shower (“Mom-to-be is going to POP!”) or a bridal shower/bachelorette (“He POPPED the question!”)

As Anna’s first birthday approached, we went back and forth (and back and forth, and back and forth) on whether we’d do a really large party with most of our family and friends or just a small celebration with the grandparents. Ultimately, we decided that the first birthday is really a celebration of the fact that we all survived the first year and that we’d just go ahead and do it up.

And naturally, as I’ve said a thousand times, it all starts with the invitations. The theme is rainbow. Just wait until you see the rest of the details!!

First Birthday Rainbow Theme Invitation IMG_1390 IMG_1394 IMG_1400

Custom Balloon InviteFirst birthday rainbow theme inivtation


Sixties Inspired 60th Birthday Invitation

The guest of honor for this super fun 1960’s themed bash is a reformed hippie who is into quilting, batik fabric, reptiles, tree species, and dog training. She also happens to be my mom.

Groovy, 1960's Inspired Birthday Invitation

I searched high and low for the perfect 1960’s inspired invitation. I tried to design it myself, but my self-taught graphic design skills just didn’t cut it. After all, this lady has been amazing for 60 years. It had to be perfect.

Luckily, I stumbled across Nadia Ink. (And lucky for you, Nadia will customize this design for your next party by clicking here.)

1960's themed 60th birthday invite

A huge thank you to Nadia, who was able to take my ambiguous ideas and return a first draft that was nearly perfect. She was kind enough to work within my tight timeline even though she was working on another party simultaneously. What a pro! If you live in the Toronto area, Nadia will even custom style a candy/sweets tables at your next event. Check out her facebook page for more info!

And check back soon for all the groovy details on this swinging party!


Almost time for a (baby) shower (invitation)!

I was beyond excited to find out that the first of my very best friends is pregnant! Yes, you read that right… PREGNANT!!! Kathy and her husband are going to be such amazing parents. (Even if I am still having trouble accepting that she and I are no longer twenty-three and sharing an apartment in Wrigleyville.) Naturally, as soon as I heard the news I started planning Kathy’s baby shower. Any excuse for a party!

The party is still a month and a half away so you’ll have to wait for all the details on that. However, it is getting to be invitation time! (more…)