Peppermint DIY Round-Up!

Mint Round Up CollageIt happens every year around this time. I head to the store for XYZ, and walk out with XYZ and 2-3 boxes of candy canes and a couple of bags of starlight mints.

Why? Because it’s the holidays and they’re festive and they’re really, really cheap. Plus, if I fill our candy bowl with them instead of chocolate maybe we can avoid at least one of the five pounds the average american gains this time of year. Because let’s face it… “I just can’t stop eating these mints,” said no one ever.

Last year, I decided to put all the mint candies to good use and make Christmas centerpieces out of them. This year, my super talented friend Jenny over at BOOK Event Design used them to make an awesome wreath. And that got me to thinking. What else can we do with these forever left behind candies?

Well here it is. Your very minty DIY round-up!

Candy Cane Holiday Vases from Be Rosy

VasesEditedThis was a super easy project. After unwrapping all your mints, grab your glue gun and go to town. When the vase is entirely covered, seal it with a crystal clear acrylic spray. (I learned the hard way that the mints get sticky and can “sweat.”) Then, finish it off with some fun ribbon.

To create the super full floral look, cut floral foam to fit your vase and start sticking flowers in. I also added taper candles to give the room a warm glow.


Peppermint Wreath from BOOK

Check out BOOK’s blog for a tutorial on this project. The amazing Jenny Gailey, the lady behind BOOK and this awesome wreath, is one of my favorite people with whom I collaborate.

Mint Wreath

Peppermint Tray from Tutto Bello

I love this mint tray from Tutto Bello. It’s the perfect solution for a cookie plate that never needs to be returned. It’s literally as simple as putting mints in the oven. Bam!

Candy Cane Sign Holders from Industrious Genius

Emily at Industrious Genius came up with this clever idea. These are perfect for table place cards or menu cards for your buffet. Or you could use larger candy canes and display some of your favorite Christmas cards or pictures with Santa.

Candy Cane Sleighs from Ellyn’s Place

What a clever way to make a bunch of candy a super fun gift. There’s a great tutorial over at Ellyn’s Place on the whole project. They’d make perfect gifts for teachers, the mailman, newspaper deliverer, etc.

Peppermint Martinis from Martie Knows

I’m thrilled to be going home for Christmas for the first time in nearly five years. I am NOT thrilled that Matt and I will be sharing a room with my seven-year-old niece and nephew because my sister lost her mind and had four children (not necessarily in that order), and her two-year-old requires her very own bedroom. Of course, as long as the fixings for this peppermint martini are behind the bar, I’m sure we’ll survive it. (Ahem, ahem, Mom…)


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